EVICE - The Hybrid Store is India's First Landmark Brand having both option off Petrol & Electric Vehicles for Customer. This gives a greater financial viability to business owners.

Authorised Main Franchise

An AMD is an authorized main franchisee of the company and is usually based in towns having a population of more than 1 lakh

Why Partner with us

Partnering with EVICE gives you the following benefits: The largest range of products of Petrol & Electric from mopeds to scooters to high-end bikes, each catering to a unique set of customers. This way you can have the opportunity to sell diversified products to possibly the largest set of customers, thus maximizing profits. Becoming a EVICE Franchise offers a good supplementary business to your existing business, with an assured income every month at a minimal initial investment in infrastructure. With a EVICE Franchise, you literally own a landmark in your city/town.


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